Welcome friends – as practitioners who believe in experiential learning, this site is not a substitute for daily practice.


This website is a resource for people who are in practice within the “far flung sangha”. It also includes materials for participants of learning spaces that have incorporated mind-body-spirit and interdependence.  Materials and resources do not take the place of the experience of practice and shugyo. Offered with aloha, ha’aha’a (humility), and mahalo nui (many thanks). 

Norma Ryuko Kaweloku Wong Roshi
Rosemary Wazan Abriam Roshi

Being shines by itself and needs no glory.

Norma Ryuko Kawelokū Wong Roshi

Those who came before shared learnings and aloha across communities. We honor and continue this tradition. Donations are used for training materials and to support community who would otherwise be unable to attend gatherings.

Mahalo nui loa.